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Esnek ic ve dis cephe, taban ve tavan kaplamalariFlexible Tileswaterproof tilesShockproof tilesdustproof tileskir tutmayan cephe kaplamasu gecirmez ic-dis cephe, taban ve tavan kaplamalari
Company Address: General Trias City - Cavite - Philippines
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We’ve setting off a New Revolution in the Building Industry for achange your life.
MCM MAGIC MOSAIC TILES GREEN BUILDING MATERIAL is a high-tech new material industry as the main body, is a specialized high-tech flexible stone enterprise that is committed to becoming a research, production, sales and international trade covering green functional flexible stone and related supporting production lines. It actively responds to the national energy conservation and environmental protection new materials policy, and combines domestic and foreign universities and research institutes to integrate environmentally friendly and energy-saving human settlements environmental technologies and products into different regions and regions of the world, and is committed to the application and innovation of such technologies and products throughout the world.

MAGIC STONE independently develops and produces MCM Ecological Stone, MCM Ecological Facing Brick, MCM Ecological Wood, MCM Granite, MCM Artistic Stone and MCM Ecological Leather. The flexible stone is light, flexible, breathable, easy to construct, and has excellent physical and chemical properties. It is widely used in the interior and exterior decoration of residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, schools and office buildings.

MAGIC STONE has passed the international ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO9001 quality management system certification. The company is equipped with a new material research and development center. The innovation leads the development direction of decorative materials. The perfect measurement and control center ensures the excellent quality and stability of the products. The products are sold all over the country. And a large number of exports to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa, South America, Australia and other international markets.`



Modified Clay, named as MC

Through MC technology, the mix of natural inorganic raw materials such as soil, sand, stone powder & ash undergo spray-mixing process converting it into modified inorganic materials encapsulated with active surface coating.


The resultant modified inorganic materials can then be shaped into various forms of composite materials such as thin sheet, board or block through manipulation of heating curves & photo chemical isomerism technique.

MC (Modified Clay) : the new ecological raw materials


With our innovation & breakthrough, inorganic clay are now able to cure un-fired into any shape and profile the same way as organic plastic.


Our technology breakthrough leads to the successful launch of MCM decorative materials product range, which carbon footprint is reduced by 80% comparing to traditional decorative materials; and can be Recycle & Reuse infinitely.


The possibilities of MC (Modified Clay) is infinite : substituting concrete, tars & bitumen to built roads; replacing plastic, resin, cement and wood to produce flatted board, customized shapes, rolls or even art display – endless possibilities for countless industries.


Magic Stone as the innovator & global leader of MCM decorative materials product range, welcomes talents from all sectors to promote the continued innovation & application of the MC (Modified Clay) technology for mutual benefits and to save the environment.

Number of Employees: 5 ~ 25
Authentication / Certificate: SGS Certificate, Green Eco-friendly product,

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